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What ORCKA Canoeing and Kayaking Skills Courses Can I Take?

The following are some of the canoeing and kayaking skills courses currently being offered by ORCKA Organizational Members in the Province of Ontario. If you don't see a course listed here, please refer to the "Course Providers" page for an ORCKA Organization Member in your area to see how they can help you take a paddling course or a paddlesport adventure! The regions indicated correspond to the twelve Ontario Tourism Regions as designated by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism.

Please note that at this time you will have to manually scroll through the course listing below to find Canoeing or Kayaking Instructor Courses being offered by ORCKA Organizational Members. For ORCKA Instuctor 1 or 2 Courses please go to http://www.orcka.ca/content/?page=CanoeInstructorCourses . 

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Skill Title Course Date Course Time Location/Region Registration Information
Basic Canoeing Level 3 (Tandem) 4/23/2018 -
9-5 Olympia Sports Camp/Near North   more info
Basic Canoeing Level 3 (Tandem) 4/27/2018 -
9:00 Huntsville/Near North

Basic Tandem (Levels 1-2or3)

Friday April 27th

9am - 6pm


Fee:  $150 for one day of instruction 

  more info
Basic Canoeing Level 4 (Solo) 4/28/2018 -
8am - 4pm Huntsville/Near North

Basic Level 4 (Solo) 

Saturday April 28, 2018

8am - 4pm

 Fee:  $150  one day instruction

Includes:  canoe, pfd and paddles  


  more info
Day Trip Leader Canoeing 4/29/2018 -
9:00 Huntsville/Near North



Sunday April 29th, 2018 

The purpose of the DAY TRIP LEADER course is to provide a Provincial certification of cimpetence in the planningand leadershipof paddling based day trip in a non-wilderness setting.



  • At least 17 years of age
  • ORCKA Basic Level 1-4  (course offered April 27-28)
  • Log of paddling experences to include:
  • Evidence of at least 10 separate day paddling trips showing at least 125 km total of which at least 5 at a minumum of 3hours duration and at least covering 15 km.
  • Evidence of at least 5 day trips in whichthe candidatewas responsible forsomeof theorganization and leadership.


Course to include:


  • Trip Planning
  • Equipment (selection, maintenance, quick repairs)
  • Risk Management // Crisis |Management
  • Personal and group safety
  • Group Dynamics
  • Group Awareness and management
  • Navigation
  • Environmental Awareness
  • First Aid 
  • Weather Interpretation
  • Communication
  • Government Regulations
  • Running a Shuttle
  • and more 



  more info
Moving Water Canoeing Level 1A (Tandem) 5/5/2018 -
9:00am-5:00pm Minden Whitewater Preserve/Lakelands Please email at missbeth@rogers.com for registration information.  more info
Canoe Tripping Level 3 5/7/2018 -
8:30AM Kawartha Highlands Prov. Park/Lakelands

CT3 emphasizes leadership and organization skills under challenging conditions. Canoe Tripping Level 1 skills are reviewed and expanded upon new skills and theory are introduced to enhance the leadership ability and potential of the candidate. The course involves a canoe trip stressing organization, safety, leadership, and risk and crisis management. The ORCKA Tripping 3 certification is recognized as the canoe guide certification of Ontario.

$675 plus HST 

Pre-requisits apply. Visit our website www.akuniadventures.com for more information and registration details.

  more info
Canoe Tripping Level 1 5/7/2018 -
8:30AM Kawartha Highlands Prov. Park/Lakelands

The Ontario Recreational Canoe and Kayak Association (ORCKA) Tripping Level 1 course is for those who have never canoe tripped before, or are experienced trippers who want to learn some new skills. Everyone will learn something from this course. You will go away as a competent tipper

$390 plus HST

More information and registration information can be found on our website www.akuniadventures.com 

  more info
Basic Canoeing Level 1 (Tandem) 5/7/2018 -
8:30am Apps, Rockwood CAs/South Western Ontario This is a closed course for CELP students from PDHS, Paris.  more info
Basic Canoeing Level 2 (Tandem) 5/7/2018 -
12:30 pm-3:00 pm Fort Frances High School/Sunset Country

This course is required of Fort Frances High School Grade 12 Outdoor Activities/Confederation College Adventure Expeditions dual credit students in preparation for their final trip.


  more info
Canadian Style Paddling Level 1A (Tandem) 5/10/2018 -
9:00 Huntsville/Near North


MAY 10   OR  JUNE 10 

Prerequisite:  Basic Levels 1->4 or comparable skills and experience with permission of the course director.

The participant will gain a deeper understanding of the combination of forces used to control the canoe with precision.  Participants will be evaluated in both bow and strern.

Can Style Paddling Level 1A is a prerequisite for Canoe Tripping Level 3-Leader 

Location:  Huntsville 

Fee:  $180/day +hst  Includes canoe, safety equipment etc. 

  more info
Canadian Style Paddling Level 1B (Solo) 5/11/2018 -
9:00 Huntsville/Near North


MAY 11    OR    JUNE 9 

Prerequisite:  Basic Level 1 ->4, CSP Level 1A 

 Upon successful completionof this course canoeist will have acquired sufficient skills to consistently conduct with precision standard style paddling manoeuvres in both a tandem and solo canoe.  

Successful CSP Level 1 participants may consider Basic Canoe Instructor courses.

Location:  Huntsville

Fee:  $180/day+hst  Includes:  use of canoe, safety equipment 


  more info
Canoe Tripping Level 3 5/11/2018 -
TBD Kingston/Sydenham Area/Ontario East

Please register via email to turningleaftrips@gmail.com

This Course will run for 6 days spread over 2 weekends in May. May 11th - 13th and May 25th - 27th you will need to attend all days to acheive certification.


1. ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 2, Canadian Style Paddling Level 1and River Running Level 1A (Tandem) or Moving Water Level 1A (Tandem), equivalent certification or comparable skills and experience (with the permission of the Course Director)

2. Evidence of at least 25 nights of wilderness canoe tripping experience wilderness canoe tripping distances totalling 500 km: at least 6 canoe trips in which the candidate was responsible for some of the organisation and leadership and at least one wilderness trip of 5 days or more.

3. At least 17 years of age to qualify for Canoe Tripping Level 3 certification.


  more info
Canoe Tripping Instructor Trainer 5/11/2018 -
8am Atikokan, Ontario/Sunset Country   more info
Basic Canoeing Level 2 (Tandem) 5/12/2018 -
8:30-4:30 Canadian Ecology Centre/Near North   more info
River Running Level 1A 5/12/2018 -
8:30am Palmer Rapids/Lakelands

The Ontario Recreational Canoe and Kayak Association (ORCKA) River Running Level 1 tandem provides an introduction to white water paddling for those with little or no experience in white water. Emphasis is on tandem  canoeing skills, understanding white water principles and safety. Participants receive ORCKA River Running 1A certificate.

$320 plus HST

To register visit our website at www.akuniadventures.com

  more info
Basic Canoeing Level 2 (Tandem) 5/13/2018 -
8:30-4:30 Canadian Ecology Centre/Near North   more info
Canadian Style Paddling Level 1 (Tandem) 5/16/2018 -
800 am Lower Madawaska River/Ontario East This exciting ORCKA Course is a requirement for Canoe Tripping Level 3. It will focus on paddling skill development and refinement. The cost includes the use of canoes and all required safety equipment, camping and meals. Cost for the course is $195.00 plus HST. For more information please contact Bruce at PMH Outdoors at 613-623-9950 or at paddle@pmhoutdoors.com.  more info
Canoe Tripping Level 3 5/17/2018 -
800 am Lower Madawaska River/No Region - Legacy This ORCKA Canoe Trip Leader Level 3 Course is being hosted by PMH Outdoors. Check out the course details at http://www.pmhoutdoors.com/canoe_tripping_courses.htm. The cost is $715.oo plus HST. This includes use of canoes and all required safety equipment as well as group trip gear and trip food. Contact Bruce at PMH Outdoors at (613) 623-9950 or paddle@pmhoutdoors.com.   more info
Canoe Tripping Level 3 5/17/2018 -
9:00 AM Kawartha Highlands PP/Near North To register contact Jesse Hardy.  jessehardy@gmail.com 416-529-7055  more info
Basic Canoeing Instructor 5/19/2018 -
9:00 Huntsville/Near North BASIC CANOING INSTRUCTOR MAY 19, 20, 21,  MAY 26, 27, 2018, (2 weekends). Rise to a new personal skill level by acheiving Canadian Style Paddling 1 standards. Gain confidence instructing in many different circumstances. Share knowledge and resources. Practice sessions built into the 48 hour / 2 weekend course. Prerequisites:at least 16 years of age, ORCKA Basic Level 1-4 or comparable skills and experiences - with prmission from Director Judy Kirkwood. As a Basic Instructor the successful cadidates will be qualified to Instruct and administer ORCKA Basic Canoe Levels 1-2-3-4 courses.Instruct at a Safe Canoeing Program. Instruct at a Camp Canoeing Instructors course. Assist/Instruct at a Basic Canoe Instructors course. Location:  Huntsville. Fee:  $735+HST .Includes:  ORCKA Program Manual, one year ORCKA Membership, one year subscription to Canoeroots, Rapid or Adventure Kayak Magazine. Bring your own canoe lodging $50+HST/night.  more info
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