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Skills Courses
Our skills courses can help you make the most out of your time on the water. Our instructors can help you perfect your strokes and show you tricks & techniques to make your paddling and canoe trips smoother and more enjoyable. We offer courses in both canoeing and kayaking, all across the province. 

Please take a look at the following page which contains a listing of downloadable PDF's for all of the ORCKA paddling skills courses summaries.

See a list of Skills Courses currently being offered by some of our Organizational Members to find a course near you. Perhaps this is the year to take your paddling to the next level!

Instructor Courses
If you would like to help others learn to paddle consider becoming an ORCKA instructor. See a list of Canoeing Instructor 2 Courses for the upcoming paddling season!

Current instructors can need to recertify as per the recertification policy. Our
instructor recertification clinics will keep you up to date on changes in our program, as well as bringing instructors together to exchange ideas & brush-up our skills.

Our Kayaking Instructor courses are back this summer. See a complete list of Kayaking Instructor courses for the upcoming paddling season.