Canoeing Program

What is the ORCKA Canoeing Program?
The ORCKA Canoeing Program consists of four canoeing disciplines, each with three skill levels, beginning with canoeing fundamentals (Basic Canoeing) and progressing to the highest canoeing skills level (Level 3).
A novice canoeist would begin canoeing instruction at the Basic Canoeing Level, or at Basic canoeing Level 1, concentrating on canoeing fundamentals. When the Basic Canoeing Level skills have been mastered, the canoeist could choose to follow one or all of the four disciplines of instruction: Canadian Style Paddling, Canoe Tripping, River Running and Moving Water. There are three skill levels in each discipline. Level 1 is devoted to introducing the skills of that particular canoeing discipline; in all but Canadian Style Paddling this level may be divided into smaller components for ease of mastery. Level 2 in each discipline is focused on skills enhancement. As you rise through each skill level new items are introduced and performance requirements become stricter.  Level 3 in each of the three disciplines (Canadian Style Paddling, Canoe Tripping, River Running and Moving Water) represents the highest canoeing skills level in the ORCKA Canoeing Program.
A canoeist may progress through the ORCKA Canoeing Program from the Basic Canoeing Level to Level 3 or may enter into the Program at the Level appropriate to his/her skills and experience.
A Basic Canoeing Instructor Course is available that emphasises administration and instruction of the Basic Canoeing Level of the ORCKA Canoeing Program.
Instructor 2 Courses emphasise teaching, leadership and course administration, in addition to all of the skills of the preceding levels. This level of Instructor may administer and instruct any level within the discipline of certification.
The ORCKA Canoeing Program is the only provincially and nationally accepted canoeing program used within the province of Ontario.
ORCKA Canoeing Program Downloads

The ORCKA Canoeing Program Progression Chart (click here to down load PDF)

The ORCKA Canoe Trip Leader Standards (click here to down load PDF)