Whatever and wherever you paddle, ORCKA is the Association for recreational paddlers in the province of Ontario!
The Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA) was formed in 1975 to promote accessibility of paddling experiences for everyone, the development of safe, competent and knowledgeable recreational paddlers, igniting the passion for a journey of paddling experiences and the preservation of the paddling environment. Today, ORCKA continues to grow in a dynamic manner to support and develop recreational canoeing and kayaking in Ontario!  
What ORCKA Does Best!
Since 1975, ORCKA has developed levels of instruction for canoeists and kayakers, moving water paddlers as well as back country and urban tripping enthusiasts. ORCKA provides ongoing support for instructional programs for canoeing and kayaking from beginner to expert. ORCKA paddling programs are provincially recognized and nationally certified.
ORCKA continues to develop and produce leading-edge instructional material to help Instructors deliver paddling instruction programs. ORCKA also provides information to the Ontario public on safe canoeing and kayaking practices.
Pursue Your Dreams – Go Canoeing or Kayaking!
The ORCKA paddling programs are available through more than the 175 ORCKA Organizational Members who provide safe, interesting and enjoyable on-water paddling instruction throughout Ontario. To find the perfect paddling instruction program for you, go to (Go to Find a Paddling Course Perfect for You!)
As a public service, ORCKA’s Organizational Members deliver Safe Canoeing and Safe Kayaking programs to Ontario Provincial Park campers, municipal groups and others across Ontario.
Tomorrows’ Instructor!
Every year ORCKA conducts canoeing and kayaking instructor courses throughout Ontario. These ORCKA paddling instructor courses train and certify some of the best paddling instructors in North America.
At The Heart of ORCKA!
ORCKA’s strong network of volunteers ensures local representation and assistance at numerous clubs, organizations and outfitters throughout the province of Ontario. ORCKA recruits members, both individual and organizations who promote safe paddling practices where ever and when ever they paddle.
For Ontario’s most respected canoeing and kayaking courses, GO ORCKA!