Environmental Information

The following is a list of issues that our Environment Committee is currently tracking. These are issues that affect us all as Ontario Paddlers. 

For more information on any of the following you can get in touch with the ORCKA Office at info@orcka.ca .


  • Clear Creek Forest Preliminary Park Management Plan. Documents associated with this stage of the management planning process are available for viewing/download at the www.ontarioparks.comHardcopy versions of the documents can also be made available, upon request.
  • Timiskaming Forest Management Plan (2011-2021), Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. For further information contact andrew.maclean@ontario.ca, 705 568 3242.
  • Kenora Forest, Ministry of Natural Resources – invitation to comment on the long-term management direction. Contact for more information ian.pyke@ontario.ca or phone 807 468 2559.
  • We are not presently tracking any mining issues
  • Ontario Parks, Ministry of Natural Resourcse invites your comments on the preliminary management plan for Holland Landing Prarie Provincial Nature Reserve. Holland Landing Prarie is located in the Town of East Gwillimbury and the Regional Muncipality of York, approximately 10 km south of Lake Simcoe. The 34.2 hectare site projects one of the last remaining areas of tallgrass prarie in Ontarion.  More details available here.
  • We are not presently tracking any roads issues
  • ORCKA is presently not tracking any waterways issues in Ontario.