The Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association has produced many resources for Instructors and Organisational Members as well as for the paddling public. Most are produced in 3-hole binder format for distribution on Instructors’ Courses but copies are also available at reasonable cost on request.

For the Paddling Public

There are several three-fold pamphlets that have been produced as free handouts to the public with practical information on several topics relating to canoe camping. They include the following:

For Organisational Members and Instructors:

  • ORCKA Canoeing Program Manual
  • Conducting ORCKA Program: Teaching Flatwater Canoeing Skills
  • Conducting ORCKA Program: Learning and Teaching
  • Conducting ORCKA Program: Flatwater, Level 1 and 2 Canoeing Skills
  • Conducting ORCKA Program: Safety and Risk Management
  • ORCKA Decals and Badges
  • Adapted Canoeing and Sea Kayaking for People with a Disability
To order any of the above contact the ORCKA office.