Kayaking Program

What is the ORCKA Kayaking Program?
The ORCKA Kayaking Program consists of a number of skill levels, beginning with kayaking fundamentals (Flatwater) and progressing to the highest kayaking skills level (Level 2).
A novice kayaker would begin kayaking instruction at the Flatwater Kayaking Level, or at Flatwater Kayaking Level A, concentrating on kayaking fundamentals. When the Flatwater Kayaking Level skills have been mastered, the kayaker could choose to follow one or all of the three disciplines of instruction: Coastal Kayaking, Moving Water Kayaking and Kayak Tripping. There are two skill levels in each discipline. Level 1 is devoted to introducing the skills of that particular kayaking discipline. Level 2 in each of the three disciplines (Coastal, Moving Water and Tripping) represents the highest kayaking skills level in the ORCKA Kayaking Program.
A kayaker may progress through the ORCKA Kayaking Program from the Flatwater Level to Level 2 or may enter into the Program at the Level appropriate to his/her skills and experience.
A Flatwater Kayaking Instructor Course is available that emphasises administration and instruction of the Flatwater Kayaking Level of the ORCKA Kayaking Program. The Camp Kayaking Instructor is available to Ontario Camping Association member youth camps.
Instructor 1 and 2 Courses emphasise teaching, leadership and course administration, in addition to all of the skills of the preceding levels in that discipline. This level of Instructor may administer and instruct lower levels within the discipline of certification.
2015 ORCKA Kayaking Courses and Clinics

ORCKA will be offering a series of kayaking courses and clinics again in 2015. Consider taking an ORCKA Kayaking course, enhancing your Kayaking skill or Instructor certification (and saving money at the same time!).

More Information on the ORCKA Kayaking Program

More Information on the ORCKA Kayaking Program including pre-requisites, course length, participant to Instructor ratio and Program Fee summary information is available at the end of this webpage as a PDF down load.


ORCKA Kayaking Program Progression Chart (PDF)

The current Kayaking Course schedule (PDF)

More Information on the ORCKA Kayaking Program