ORCKA Kayak Program Summaries

The following documents contain summaries of the exciting ORCKA Kayaking Program paddling skills course to assist you in choosing the right ORCKA paddling skills course for you!

Safe Kayaking and Flatwater Kayaking
Flatwater KayakingThe Safe Kayaking and Flatwater Levels are designed to introduce the novice or relatively inexperienced kayaker to paddling.
Coastal Kayaking
Coastal KayakingCoastal Kayaking will focuses on thoses skills required to participate in a kayaking daytrip from reletively sheltered to exposed coastal environments. 
Kayak Tripping
Kayak TrippingKayak Tripping courses teach participants about wilderness Kayak Tripping on multi-day trips, focusing on both skills and safety.
Moving Water Kayaking
Moving Water KayakingOur Moving Water Kayaking courses teach the principles of whitewater, focusing on the safety and paddling skills to run Class II - III rapids.